AWS is a commercial cloud provider that offers FedRAMP-authorized cloud hosting as well as cloud services and tools. Plus3 IT has been an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner since 2016, and has migrated hundreds of business and mission applications to AWS, using dozens of AWS services and tools for Federal, DoD, and IC customers.

CLOUDTAMER.IO provides automated cloud account governance with the ability to track and forecast cloud costs. shares Plus3 IT’s “automate everything” value and allows organizations to take full advantage of multi-account, multi-cloud approaches.


Databricks supports multi-cloud (AWS and Azure) and enables disparate data sources to be analyzed together regardless of source, format, or storage mechanism. Plus3 IT delivered a cloud-based application that uses Databricks data analytic and machine learning capabilities to offer increased throughput and improved data matching in support of a critical analyst mission.


Elastic capabilities include the ability to monitor, report on, and see real time analytics of the use and performance of DevSecOps pipeline tools and tools for correlation, auditing, and continuous monitoring. Plus3 IT works with Elastic products, such as Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash, on multiple customer projects.


GitLab is an open source repository manager and DevOps lifecycle management tool. Plus3 IT uses GitLab for customer and internal Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) and issue tracking features. As champions of both open source and CI/CD, Plus3 IT identified GitLab as a fitting partnership.


Google Cloud offers a FedRAMP-authorized platform and a suite of cloud services. Plus3 IT is a proponent of multi-cloud approaches to offer our customers the resiliency and best-fit infrastructure and services.


Immuta automates data governance identifying and sequestering various streams of data to make sure that only authorized individuals can access them. Immuta aligns with the Plus3 IT technical principle to “automate everything.” We like its ability to permit/deny access at the point of request. Immuta supports blob storage, multiple cloud and on-prem databases.


Microsoft Azure is a commercial cloud provider that offers FedRAMP-authorized cloud hosting as well as cloud services and tools. Plus3 IT is a Microsoft Silver Partner and has designed and deployed applications to the Azure cloud for Federal, DoD, and IC customers.


Plus3 IT uses RedHat’s OpenShift for cloud PaaS and the community version of RedHat Single Sign on, Keycloak, as part of Identity and Access Management (IDAM) tools in our DevSecOps Pipelines. Plus3 IT supports an OpenShift Kubernetes platform service providing hosted container services. As an enterprise open source software company, RedHat’s open source model supports Plus3 IT’s open source first approach.


Turbot automates adherence to strict controls for security and risk management across multiple cloud service providers. Plus3 IT uses Turbot to implement governance “guardrails” for rapid and compliant deployments. Turbot, combined with other IaC tools, provide common control providers, inheritable controls, and aligns to our automate everything approach.