Nothing matters more than our customers’ missions. Plus3 IT uses the scalability and resiliency of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support critical national security, defense, civilian, and business capabilities.


Plus3 IT is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner and has migrated hundreds of business and mission applications to AWS, using dozens of AWS services and tools for our Federal, Department of Defense (DoD), and Intelligence Community (IC) customers. We stand apart from other AWS Partners with our depth of AWS experience in the DoD/IC across all domains.


Plus3 IT’s core business is supporting the Federal Government in all things cloud. Using AWS infrastructure and services, we provide IT modernization, drive resource and cost efficiencies, and engineer secure, scalable, and resilient solutions for the Government’s most sensitive data and workloads. Plus3 IT has achieved Authority to Operate (ATO) for hundreds of DoD/IC applications hosted on AWS and instantiates cloud network environments that maintain continuous ATO via DevSecOps tooling and practices. Our solutions align to the Risk Management Framework (RMF) and adhere to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Intelligence Community Directive (ICD), and agency-level security policy and directives. 


Founded as a specialty company with the acumen, innovative culture, and experience necessary to truly make a difference, over 75% of our technical staff are cleared and AWS certified and hold over 130 AWS accreditations. We exceed certification requirements in our tier across all categories: Professional, Technical, Foundational, Accredited. Plus3 IT retains a core senior staff of Cloud Architects, Cloud Engineers, Cloud Security Specialists, Cloud Financial Analysts, Cloud Developers, Data Engineers, and DevSecOps Engineers.
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Our DoD customer required expertise in account management, architecture, networking, and core services to facilitate cloud adoption across all IC Cloud network domains.

Plus3 IT provides the full suite of Cloud Broker services enabling application migration to the cloud. We delivered a DevSecOps pipeline, provisioning support, business and cost management support, change management, RMF lifecycle support, and support to overall cloud transition and modernization.

Our Federal customer needed a big data storage and analytics environment that leveraged cloud technology in order to support strategic and operational activities.

Plus3 IT architected and provisioned the cloud environment for the data engineering warehouse, providing a secure place to scale data and perform analytics using DevSecOps orchestrations and implementation.

Our technology solutions developed using AWS.

Accelerate Use of AWS Infrastructure


A SaltStack-based tool written in Python that automates the security configuration of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, applying Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) settings, enterprise environmental configurations for Active Directory (AD), Domain Name System (DNS), software repositories, and security agents. Allows applications to inherit the controls within an approved baseline minimizing a security assessment window.


Easily creates Enterprise Linux (EL) instances to assure pain-free deployments into test and production cloud environments. AMIgen creates a security-compliant CentOS-compatible build across AWS-managed cloud environments. STIG Partitioned Enterprise Linux (SPEL) maintains recipes for automating creation of equivalent builds for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud use cases. Together, they create build images that are partitioned to meet requirements specified in the DISA STIGs for EL systems.

Automatically deploys account resources to accelerate development in cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Creates a “baseline” account configuration in AWS. Uses Terraform to manage guardrails and resources, providing drift detection and remediation of cloud accounts. 

Optimize on AWS

Iron Stratus

Provides a suite of technical, financial, and security governance services that span the entire cloud adoption lifecycle–with a focus on optimization. Maximizes self service and innovation with guardrails instead of stop signs.

Cloud Financial Governance

Evaluates architectural implications with a focus on traceability, manageability, and right-sized utilization of the Cloud. Provides cost estimation and cost monitoring and supports forecasting and budgeting activities.


Reduces CSP costs by empowering account owners with the ability to easily mark resources for tracking, suspension or termination of costs, or to trigger the use cost-efficient backups. Supports EC2 and RDS.

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